Our story

Aabak is a pioneering R&D group focused on creating new classes of automated machinery. We see from an engineering & design level that technology is inevitably reducing the need for focused manual labour and a clear shift is in progress to empower humans to adopt a bird’s eye perspective, working in harmony with machinery. Creating the necessary infrastructure for this change presents an enormous opportunity which Aabak is pursuing through CARAS™ products and services.

Aabak was founded in August, 2016 by Flynn Macfarlane, an Australian investor and director focused on the technology sector. Flynn co-founded General Adaptive, a software company focused on mobile applications in 2014 and is active in venture capital. The team at Aabak is comprised of Australian mechanical, electrical, embedded, software and robotics engineers as well as business, operations, design and support specialists. One in just a handful of Australian founded and operated companies, that is focused on advanced hardware and software engineering.

Founder & CEO