Aabak is a pioneering research and development company committed to improving consumer environments and processes through automation.

Technology will eventually free us from manual labour and empower humans to take on a bird’s eye perspective and do more. Creating the infrastructure necessary for this change is an enormous opportunity. Aabak’s approach breaks down existing consumer dynamics and innovates new methods based on first principles.

For our initial strategic investment, we turned to one of the world’s most commonly consumed drinks: coffee. The high frequency of consumption makes coffee an ideal candidate for automation and also provides a challenge; in Australia, we are accustomed to specialty coffee made by industry-trained baristas. To cater for this complexity, Aabak innovated the first CARAS (Complex Automated Rapid Assembly & Serve) machine for its coffee brand, Once Alike.

CARAS machines are just one component of Aabak’s integrated approach. We are building end-to-end service solutions that stack software engineering, web services, support and live-telemetry around CARAS units, which results in comprehensive operational flexibility. Full control of the experience is maintained while unparalleled utility is provided to the consumer.

Aabak was founded in August, 2016 by Flynn Macfarlane.

Aabak Coffee


A free-standing machine that requires power but no plumbing or other external fixtures.

Capable of making up to 500 cups of coffee back-to-back on a single supply of produce, in various configurations within a 2sqm footprint.

Live-telemetry, multi-queuing, unattended ordering, software managed algorithmic coffee control, automatic lidding, error-handling, and OTA updates during service come standard.




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